Library Computers & Usage Policies

Marshall Public Library Computer Usage Policy

In using the Marshall Public Library Internet workstations, the patron agrees to the following rules:

a. The free public WiFi is available and accessible for patrons to use with their own devices; laptops, tablets or cell phones for unlimited time periods. Staff members will only be able to provide limited assistance with a patron’s device.  

b. Library cards are required in order to access the public use computers. Non-residents and/or guests who do not hold a current library card may request a guest pass as long as they are 18 years of age or older. 

c. The public computers are on first come, first served basis.

d. The patron will have a one (1) hour time limit but if the user is working on a resume or online applications, they may request staff to extend the time limit.

e. Personal documents/files may not be saved on the library‘s computers. Such documents/files will be deleted if found.

f. Flash drives are acceptable for downloading information. 

g. Any data lost because of faulty disks, software, or equipment is not the responsibility of the Marshall Public Library. 

h. At no time will the user change settings, Windows setups, passwords, move/delete icons, change font size or screensaver, or download any files onto the library‘s computers, or otherwise compromise the library‘s equipment or software. To do so may result in permanent suspension of the Internet privileges.

i. There will be a charge of .20 per page for all printing. Patron must pay for all pages he/she prints.

j. The Marshall Public Library will provide word processing on the public computers. By using a public computer workstation, the patron agrees to the following: 

  1. Patron does not attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to the library, including the setup or configuration of any software or hardware.
  2. Patron does not corrupt, damage or otherwise compromise the library‘s equipment or software. 
  3. At no time shall the user save personal files, documents, or resumes on the library‘s computers. Such items will be regularly deleted. Patrons may save information on flash drives or other appropriate storage devices.
  4. Word processors are for patrons who possess some keyboarding skills and knowledge of word processing programs. Library staff cannot provide in-depth word processing training.  
  5.  Misuse of these computers may result in suspension of computer privileges. 
  6. Library staff is available to provide basic assistance in use of the word processors, but may not be familiar with every application. Because of the many applications available, staff cannot provide complete technical support. 

k. Computers are to be used for word processing and Internet research use only.

l. Out of respect for other people using the library and Internet, no more than one person per computer at a time — with the exception of a parent assisting a child with research. 

m. Internet users found viewing offensive materials may have their Internet privileges suspended. Suspension may be permanent.

Minor Computer Usage Policy

Children 17 and under must have a written parental permission card on file, signed in the presence of a library staff member, to use the Internet at the Marshall Public Library. Children 13 years of age and under using the Internet must do so in the presence of a parent or legal guardian .The Marshall Public Library does not assume responsibility for information accessed through the Internet. Parents, not the library or its staff, are solely responsible for information their child accesses from the Internet.