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The Marshall Public Library's genealogy collection is a welcoming research room focusing primarily on Saline County history and some surrounding counties. Visitors can research our local resources, Saline County histories, and local newspapers on microfilm. A computer is available for our visitors to do online research; the library also subscribes to Ancestry.com.

Please call 660-886-3391 to arrange
for staff to be available to help you with your research visit.

Any out of town researchers are especially asked to please call ahead to make sure that the room is available on the day they plan to arrive, or to schedule research time when staff will be available to assist.


Local History Room Hours
Available For Self Service Research
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm

10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm

When You Visit The Genealogy Room In Person:
All visitors to the genealogy room are required to sign the guest register located at the desk in the genealogy room. Sign-in includes name, address, phone and research interest.

Visitors using this room may not take personal items, such as purses, bags, folders, etc. into the room. Pencils and pads of paper are permitted. All other articles should be locked in the lockers provided. The library staff is not responsible for storing or caring for
personal items.

Basic Research Requests
If you are unable to visit our library in person, the genealogy staff will do genealogy searches for out of area researchers. There is a charge of $20, payable in advance. For this charge, the staff will search for one name. All requests must be in writing with names and dates, if known, specified; and accompanied by a check for the correct amount. Searches will not be made in advance of payment. The charge covers the search, postage and up to 10 copies. Email requests to: genealogy@marshallmolibrary.org

In-Depth Research
The genealogy staff will also do in-depth searches for out of the area researchers. The charge is $20 per hour, minimum of 2 hours, payable in advance. Please include names, dates and pertinent information in your request. Send all requests to: genealogy@marshallmolibrary.org

All fees and charges are for the service of searching and are non-refundable. The Marshall Public Library cannot guarantee to find the requested material.
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The staff at the Maggie Duggins Genealogy Room can be helpful to persons who wish to trace their ancestry. Following are some suggestions on how begin the search yourself.

Start With Yourself
Starting with yourself, and working backwards, find out all the information you can about your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles. Find out where they were born, where they grew up, their marriage dates and any other information they can share. Start a genealogy chart and pencil in all the information as you gather it. Dont trust your memory. You may want to tape record these conversations in addition to writing them down; but always ask for permission before recording.

Recording The Information You've Gathered
Gather and record all the names, birth/death dates, events and places that you can. If you do not have exact dates, for the time being, pencil in approximate dates on your genealogy chart. You may be able to find exact dates later from another source. To avoid confusion, always record surnames in capital letters, and always include womens maiden names. It is important to keep your information as organized as possible.

Sources You May Already Have
You can find much useful information in sources that you may have at home, such as old family Bibles, newspaper clippings, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, diaries and journals, letters, backs of pictures, etc. Dig through those old trunks and cardboard boxes in your parents and grandparent's atticsyou may find a treasure trove of information there.

Talk To Your Relatives
Visit with, call, write or email relatives, particularly older relatives, who may have information you can use. Take along photos or documents to share with them to jog their memory. Ask them to notify you if they later remember something. Oftentimes one memory will prompt other recollections. And a lonely relative may be delighted by your interest and attention.

Sharing Information
Search for surnames of distant relatives who may already have done some research and is willing to trade information. The Internet is an excellent place to find people working on the same lines of genealogy that you are. A good place to start is Family Search and Cyndis List.

Birth, Marriage And Death Records
Visit the public libraries, churches and local historical societies in the areas where your relatives lived. Often these institutions will have microfilm of old newspapers, census records, military service records, birth/death records, marriage records and cemetery records.

Courthouse Records
Wills, property acquisition and probate records can usually be found in county courthouses in the County Recorders office.

More Resources To Help Your Search
Now that you know the basics of genealogy research, here are some online links and databases to help you find the information you are looking for. Happy Hunting!

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Saline County Resources Available at
the Marshall Public Library
Maggie Duggins Genealogy Room


  • Saline County Histories - 1881, 1910, 1967, 1983, 2002
  • Lafayette & Saline County history - 1893
  • Various town histories
  • Saline County Atlases


  • Census records
  • Microfilm
  • Heritage Quest Online

Cemetery Records:

  • Banta files
  • Ridge Park Cemetery Indexes & Plot Map
  • Cemetery Records
  • Rock Creek Cemetery Index
  • Salem Christian Church Cemetery Index
  • Cemeteries in Miami Township: An Historical Account
  • Hazel Grove Cemetery Index
  • Arrow Rock Cemetery Index
  • Smith Chapel Cemetery Index

Marriage Records:

  • Marriage records index, 1820-1880 inclusive
  • 1881-1897 Grooms index
  • 1881-1897 Brides index
  • 1835-1920 Marriage license on microfilm


  • Various plat books
  • Family group sheets/Obituary files
  • Slater Missouri funeral home records
  • Saline County birth & death records, 1883-1885
  • Miscellaneous early Missouri records
  • Scrapbooks of Miami area information by Edmonds
  • City directories
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Saline County obituaries index
  • Obituary Database
  • Probate records
  • Saline County newspapers on microfilm

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